CFCE-India follows a FAMILY-CENTERED APPROACH in its development activities.   Most often, many of the social and economic programs sponsored or supported by the government/s as well as the non-profit charities are mostly geared to individual improvements (not denying that such programs also help the family) like children’s education, medical care and others. Very rarely, the family as a unit receives the necessary focus. CFCE-India is taking a different approach by focusing on the family.

It is our firm belief that a family-centered approach focusing on mother and child will be more appealing to the Miss Gen women, rather than individual based programs. Not that fathers are unimportant, but we are currently concentrating on the mothers and their children or grandchildren. Hopefully, the inclusion of the children in the program will increase its appeal to the mothers and grandmothers. As mentioned earlier, for the Miss Gen like all mothers, the future of the children is likely to be their immediate and primary concern. If we can get both involved, it will double the interest and support for our experimental program.

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