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 Many of the poor children attend local schools which are mostly government- run and have few resources. No wonder, many parents prefer their children go to private schools which are sold as ” English medium”, meaning the children will have opportunity to learn also English in small class setting. Most such schools are privately owned and run. Admission to such institutions are “fee based”, which most poor parents can’t afford. Hence they send the children to government-run schools where admission is free.

That being the case, we have decided to offer our services to the children “as a drawing point” and along with that encourage the mothers or grandmothers also learn English and the use of computers as well as internet. We will encourage them to participate in self improvement efforts through studies, skill training and increased economic participation. To begin with, we will use the thousands of English books( Disney Publications) given to us by the First book.org USA and develop an educational program for those children less fortunate to go to the English medium schools. Many of the adult participants may be able to assist in the children’s education by serving as assistants, mentors and teachers as well as co-learners along with their children? That is the strategy we are following.

CFCE-India plans to help the young people and the Miss Gen to acquire needed technical skills and other essential capabilities to become self-employed or start a business (however small it is), learn how to run it and make a living from it rather than waiting for the hand outs. They may not know how to formulate a business plan, negotiate a loan or other services and they will need constant and steady “hand holding” until they succeed. That is what we plan to offer.

CFCE-India is in the process to develop a corps of retired executives or experienced corporate people and others to serve as volunteers who will mentor selected participants or group of participants with similar interest. Ours will be an enabling service and offered on the basis of the technical assistance they need and desire.

In short, this new approach is to put two wheels in the cart: education/training on one side and business ownership/management on the other side. The individual participant will be driven.

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