A Single Stop Service Center

There are a lot of services and benefit programs which are available to the interested public. However, the public is only vaguely aware of such services which the government and others can provide (from what is published in the newspapers and occasionally hearing from government officials), but is often confused how to get such help in a timely manner and how to go about for it? There is no single information source for them to find out what are available? Realizing this, CFCE-India is establishing a Single Stop Service Center, and facilitate better use of the public resources and services We will constantly research for information, liaison with government entities and bring the information and services to the individuals who need them. We will serve as a facilitator and sponsor of the service center.

Here, we are proposing a project from the ground up and with private initiative. This private initiative, inputs and leadership will make a major difference how the regular pre-packaged government plans are adopted under our Private-Public Partnership (PPP) project.

The key to the success of this project is the availability of a local entrepreneur (business entity), who is willing to initiate this project and build from the ground up. It can start small and build up into a multi phased business slowly depending upon the capital, land, building and technical resources locally available.

More importantly, it must be in a community where 50-100 participants can be recruited within a year. They will become the backbone of this new effort. CFCE-India has already identified interested entrepreneurs to start the first project under this model. The project will be operational by the end of 2015.


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