A New Approach to Community Development

At present, most programs to promote the welfare of the poor, disadvantaged communities are often centered around education, scholarship, reservation for admissions as well as public sector jobs and to a limited extent, housing or homestead ownership. Even after more than sixty years of efforts, the economic and social conditions of these communities are way behind the general public. This still remains a challenge: how to bring the socioeconomic conditions of these disadvantaged communities on par with others and enable them to effectively participate in the modern economy of India along with the mainstream?

It can be done and here CFCE-India is presenting another approach, a creative plan to promote an OWNERSHIP SOCIETY among the target groups, instead of the benevolent schemes and handouts. This may be a radical departure from the hitherto practiced efforts under many social welfare programs.

Kerala is at a critical juncture of its history. The state is fast, leaping forward towards a consumer driven economy, primarily owing the large inflow of the foreign remittance from the thousands of Keralaites working overseas (while their women, in most cases stay home to take care of “children and old parents”). Seeking employment and economic security are ingrained in Kerala psyche.

A major thrust of this project is to try to change the current mindset and encourage the participants to be job givers and job creators rather than job seekers, We are promoting an “ownership society” by encouraging to create as many new enterprises and enabling the participants to be the in the forefront of such a movement. We consider skill development as a means of creating new opportunities for self employment and birthing an OWNERSHIP SOCIETY”

The core of this project is to give the Miss Gen as well as the young people skill development training along with upgrading their academic capabilities to handle professionally and sub-professional level employment, and at the same time, identify from among them, individuals who are interested and capable of starting their own businesses. Our goal is to help them to become job-creators and job-givers instead of being job seekers. A significant part of the effort will be towards self-employment and entrepreneurship.

We are focusing on creating an Ownership Society, increasing the awareness towards self reliance and building confidence in starting and developing one’s own business, as opposed always looking for secured government or corporate jobs. By promoting a new economic model which emphasizes on self-employment and business ownership, we hope to make a significant impact on the people of Kerala, who are mainly a society of job-seekers.



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