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The Center for Creative Excellence-India (CFCE-India) is a non-profit organization dedicated to “ educate, encourage and empower the poor and underprivileged. Since a large majority of the poor in India are women and children, our primary concern is to assist them to achieve economic and social advancement through an integrated as well as comprehensive development of the family as a unit.

Believing that the women and their children are the foundation for social change in the fast changing India, we are concentrating on empowering them as our primary mission.

In a fast changing (and also so slow changing) India, most of the technology based changes pass by, rarely touching the lives of the ordinary people, particularly women, except perhaps for the cell phone and a few other things. As social entrepreneurs, one of the challenges we face is how we can productively employ the resources offered by the technology and the information, to facilitate or improve the ability of the poor to navigate and succeed in the technological environment? Hence, one of CFCE-India’s main focus is to assist the “interested” disadvantaged women to become familiar with computers and the internet and how to use such technology tools as a major resource to improve their social and economic conditions. Our vision is to create a cluster of “cyber communities” and eventually “cyber villages” where the information technology will not be limited to middle class and upper class society, but also to the less educated disadvantaged women.

It is well known that in the traditional, largely patriarchal societies, the women are often the ones who have less voice or no voice in matters of family finances or economic decisions. Unfortunately, they are also the ones who bear the brunt of discrimination and economic deprivation. This is particularly so for the women in the lower bottom of the social and economic strata. Therefore, our immediate focus is on the disadvantaged and underprivileged women and children as well as the youth.

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In short, the above are some of the immediate goals of the CFCE-India.


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